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Flooring Information -
Before you buy

Measurement - Carefully measure each room or area to determine the necessary quantity. Particular attention should be paid to doors, closets, unusual angles.

Installation Date - Double check the delivery date, the installation date and the estimated time allowance for the installation since your home will be in disarray during installation.

Furniture Moving - Discuss furniture moving with your retailer. The installer may move furniture, but there may be an extra charge.

Starting Points & Seams - Prior to installation discuss with your flooring professional starting (focal) points and/or where seams will be placed.

Existing Flooring - Discuss removal of existing carpet with your retailer. The following steps are recommended: ventilation during removal; and vacuuming the floor after the old flooring has been removed.

Disposal of Old Flooring – Often the disposal of old flooring must follow specific care or formats. In most cases you can arrange with your retailer to have them dispose of your old flooring (there will most likely be an additional charge).

Inspection - Prior to installation, inspect the flooring to see that it meets your order's specifications of colour, size, texture and style, and that it is free from defects.

Excess Flooring - Discuss with your dealer whether you would like to keep any left-over flooring for future use or to keep in case repairs are necessary in the future. "Normal" waste factors vary by flooring type, but generally are approximate 5-10% of the total order.